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GeoMark Research has the knowledge, resources, and ability to provide integrated geochemical support, covering the full range of operator needs in both conventional and unconventional opportunities. A fully equipped geochemistry laboratory, in combination with an industry-leading staff of senior analytical and interpretive petroleum geochemists, is equipped to deliver practical solutions to optimize your exploration or production project.

Project Design & Collection

All Geochemical Consulting projects begin with an overall project design and the collection of gas, fluid, and/or rock samples to be analyzed.

Capabilities & Deliverables

We provide the following Project Design and Collection general capabilities and specific deliverables for each step in this “getting started” process:

Project Design & Scope

  • Define geochemical project goals

  • Plan overall pad, field, and basin-wide sampling scope and context (gas, fluid, and rock)

  • Identify required timing and frequency of sampling program

  • Confirm additional data which can be integrated into the geochemical program

Core/Cuttings Sample Selection

  • Advise on initial core/cuttings screening process for the geochemical program

  • Define requirements for the cuttings/core selections to meet project goals

Gas & Fluid Collection*

  • Outline fluid (water and oil) and gas collection protocols

  • Identify training requirements if operator is sampling directly

*GeoMark can coordinate and collect fluid and gas samples as part of the project scope.


Interpretation Services


GeoMark’s Geochemical Consulting services include single sample, multi-sample, or basin scale interpretation capabilities. Specific outputs and direction can be customized based on the goals and concerns of the operator.

Data in Context

The Rock & Fluid Database (RFDbase) system at GeoMark Research and the regional studies housed within it (e.g. Permian Basin, Mid-Continent, Gulf of Mexico, Colombia Oils, etc.) allow a broader regional context to be applied to operator sample sets.



These deliverables are applicable across the business lifecycle of your project:

  • Full geochemical characterization

  • Source potential and richness

  • Organofacies determination

  • Comprehensive rock, fluid, and gas maturity assessment

  • Source rock-oil correlation assessment

  • Oil-oil correlation assessment

  • Statistical modeling of operator samples within a regional framework (provided from RFDbase)

  • Customized field scale statistical analysis (baseline geochemical assessment)

  • Age determination

  • Production monitoring (TLG)*

  • Potential fluid contribution and mixing assessment*

*Production monitoring and allocation deliverables are offered specifically as part of GeoMark’s Reservoir Geochemistry Solutions packages.

Consulting & Collaboration Services

GeoMark executes our Geochemical Consulting services as an active member of your project the team. We collaborate closely with you to understand the critical scope and goals of the project, and provide a truly integrated product. From our vast experience, we are able to adapt to challenging asset requirements and evolving changes. Nothing is too big or too small—from Pre-Screening Acreage Assessment to Exploration-Exploitation (Appraisal) and Development focused projects.



Our collaborative project deliverables include:

  • Acreage assessment

  • Exploration screening (gas, fluid, and rock)

  • Regional context study

  • Exploitation-appraisal

  • Production monitoring and fluid contributions

  • Integration of existing geochemical datasets

  • Advanced statistical modeling implementation/integration

  • Integration of geochemistry into operator’s other specialist services


Integrated Geochemical Studies for Operators

Based on the gas/rock/fluid samples collected and the analyses performed in GeoMark’s laboratories, we can generate integrated geochemical studies for your particular needs and area of interest.

Study Contents

Our integrated studies contain any/all of these topics:

  • Rock data integration (core, sidewall core, cuttings)

  • Fluid and gas data integration (crude oil/condensates, mud gas, produced gas, and production/frack waters)

  • Geochemical framework — source and produced oil in context of client samples

  • Source rock generative potential maps, maturity modeling, and production “sweet spot” (with mapping)

  • Risk assessment of original source, migration, and preservation

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