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About Us

Our Leadership

Our Vision

To have GeoMark data used and valued by all companies with geochemical needs

Our Mission

Providing quality geochemical data and knowledge from a source you can trust. Science, done right

Our Core Values

Act with Integrity

  • Uphold the highest ethical standards in all decisions

  • Maintain transparency and honesty in all dealings

  • Stand by our commitments and promises

Pursue Excellence

  • Approach tasks with unwavering dedication to achieving outstanding results

  • Continuously improve and innovate to exceed expectations

  • Measure success by the quality of the work as well as by its real-world impact

Promote Kindness

  • Foster a positive and inclusive environment for everyone

  • Build/maintain relationships built on trust, support, and encouragement

  • Focus on solutions and opportunities rather than dwelling on problems

Unleash Expertise

  • Demonstrate exceptional skill and knowledge in your area of responsibility

  • Encourage continuous learning and development

  • Seek opportunities to share expertise and mentor others

Celebrate Success

  • Regularly recognize and appreciate the progress made towards our goals

  • Let each success inspire us to set even higher standards for ourselves

  • Cultivate a culture of respect and care, extending our appreciation to employees, customers, vendors, and their personal well-being

Our Locations


9748 Whithorn Dr, Houston, TX 77095, USA

Source Rock Lab

218 Higgins St, Humble, TX 77338, USA

PVT/Gas Isotope Lab

105 Zonolite Street Lafayette, Louisiana 70508


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