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CO₂ Sequestration 
& Monitoring

In alignment with our pledge to support global initiatives for a sustainable energy future, GeoMark Research strongly believes in the safe and responsible capture and sequestration of CO₂ into the subsurface. That’s why our team of geoscientists and engineers have customized traditional proven geochemical and engineering techniques to assist in the monitoring of CO₂ movements, along with rock-fluid interactions within the subsurface.

Field-scale monitoring applications, such as those below, provide a cost effective, non-evasive and efficient option to assess the migration pathways of CO₂ plumes within storage reservoirs and produce quantitative evidence for formation/seal breakthrough.

CO₂ Plume Monitoring - Movement

CO₂ sequestration acts as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), liberating less mobile hydrocarbons from the formation and driving them to a monitoring well.


  • Mobility of shorter chained, less mobile hydrocarbons will be increased with increased pressure from CO₂ injection.

  • Regular sampling and analysis of hydrocarbons from monitoring wells can provide an indication of CO₂ plume movement across a storage area.

GeoMark_Co2 Monitoring R2 1_page-0001_edited.jpg

CO₂ Plume Monitoring – Formation/Seal Breakthrough

GeoMark_Co2 Monitoring R2 1_page-0001_edited.jpg

Baseline fluid families as defined by oil, gas and water analyses allows for the vertical fluid character (fingerprint) of each formation above, within and below the CO₂ injection reservoir.


  •  Regular sampling and analysis of fluid samples from monitoring wells can provide critical information on potential reservoir breakthrough events if sudden fluid family shifts are observed in the monitoring wells

The GeoMark Promise

We promise to deliver a complete turn-key solution, which includes everything from field samplings to regular update meetings to review the performance of your CO₂ sequestration project. The ‘monitoring well’ results are delivered via GeoMark’s CO₂ PlumeView™ Spotfire® Dashboard, which provides an update on sampling schedules as well as analytical results and interpretations, allowing for an interactive time lapse view of your CO₂ sequestration project

For more information on our CO₂ Sequestration & Monitoring capabilities, or to discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact us at

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